Meet The Coach:
Heidi Dewan

Hello, thank you for visiting my site!  Whether you are interested in discovering more about yourself, improving your life through personal development work, leveraging your career, or hiring a coaching, WELCOME, and I hope that you will decide to stay in contact.  Here is a little bit more about me:

I love coaching and the field of human development because I have always relished seeing progress and improvement.  Makeovers, home improvement shows, and success stories fascinated me growing up.  I probably get this passion from my mother, as she is an eternal optimist, people-person, and mover and shaker, improving everything in her wake.

While watching others transform themselves or their spaces is enjoyable, my true passion is to be involved in that transformation, to understand what helps things evolve, and to be a catalyst in the improvement process.  I am enlivened by the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and transform a cluttered room into an inviting, beautiful space.  But even more inspiring is the experience of helping someone improve their life, work, and/or relationships, because I consider it such an honor to support another person, to be entrusted with his or her aspirations, challenges, stories, worries, and passions.

To be a great coach, it is imperative to possess highly-developed listening and coaching skills, access to tools and resources, strong ethics and standards, and a regular spiritual discipline or mindfulness practice.  In addition to these important qualities and skills that I continuously hone, a great coach must love his/her clients.  I consider the most important value that I bring to my coaching is the love, unconditional acceptance, and enthusiasm I feel for those I coach.  These are the key ingredients that will support their growth, deepen their trust, create a healing presences, and make the coaching fun!

The highlights of my youth and young adulthood include living in San Francisco and Oakland, both open-minded, multicultural cities, studying cultural anthropology in college, practicing yoga in an ashram, reading books on Eastern philosophy and mysticism, and traveling.  It has been my life's mission to understand what it means to be human, and how we can maximize our potential, both individually, and in community.  I continue to research and ponder the ingredients of what can make people experience greater happiness, stronger, more satisfying, relationships, and increased well-being.  This passion has led me to get another degree in the behavioral sciences, train as a coach, and develop personal development tools to aid my clients and my own search for balance and enrichment.  My drive to improve the human experience continues to influence my lifestyle choices and work, both for Develop Coaching and my career.

I would love to hear your story, ideas, questions, and feedback.  Click here to contact me.



MS, Organization Development
American University

BA, Cultural Anthropology
UC Berkeley

ACC Coaching Credentials
International Coach Federation (ICF)

16+ Years Organizational Experience
small business

Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner
CPP, Inc.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Training

Facilitation/Design Training Intensive
Retreats That Work

3 Years Ashram Study
Eastern philosophy & yoga practice
US & India

The Values I Work With

Respect - I feel that each living being deserves respect, independent of their circumstances, and by treating ourselves and others with respect, we bring out the best in each other.

Hospitality - I love to entertain at home and make my guests feel welcomed.  In coaching, I ask my clients to leave their comfort zones, so it is my job to make each session feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Wisdom - Wisdom is knowledge that has become realized.  In addition to seeking knowledge, I experiment with what I am learning so that I can truly understand and embody it.  I also love to teach because it helps me grasp the information further.

Love - We always have two choices - love or fear.  In each moment I try to choose love.


What are your core values? 

Our values shape the way we see the world.  They also influence our personalities, and how we approach our work and our relationships.  Yet, most people are not able to articulate exactly what their values are. 

I help my clients uncover their values and discover ways to honor them. When we are true to our values, our quality of life improves, along with our integrity, inspiration, and impact.


For more information about coaching and rates/packages, see Develop Professionally or Develop Personally depending upon your interest and goals.

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